• bird and beckett books (map)

Join us for a memorable CD release event - Thu Ho with the Noel Jewkes Trio, Live at the Sausalito Seahorse. Thu, Noel Jewkes, Chris Amberger, and Adam Shulman will present their special brand of musical storytelling in the most vulnerable, intimate, and nuanced of ways to Bird & Beckett Books. This album materialized in a very natural and organic manner. Attracted to Thu's vocal phrasing and romantic lyricism, revered, veteran saxophonist Noel Jewkes (aka "Dr. Legato") invited her to sing with his ensemble regularly at the Sausalito Seahorse. It was quickly apparent to the sound engineer and listeners that their collective sound and musicianship embodied a rare flavor of velvety textures, harmonic opulence, and lyrical elegance that should be recorded live to best capture their creative spark and effervescent spontaneity.